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Sarah Burton_imageSally Burton – President

Sally was born in January 1952 in Weston, Main. She was raised in Bridgeport, Ct having relocated to Jacksonville Florida in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Sally moved to this area because she was in the military on Active Duty, United States Navy and had two tours of duty. While in the Navy, Sarah was a Hospital Corpsman (medical) with a specialty in Aviation Medicine. She retired after 20 years of service.

Sally’s interest in massage therapy occurred while she was on active duty and stationed in Millington, Tn. One of her junior personnel that she supervised had an issue in his right shoulder blade area and was miserable. So she had him get on an examining table and began working with him using her training as a hospital corpsman. Using her natural instincts, Sally was able to work out the knot. He stated “you would be good at being a massage therapist.” She specializes in Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, and Manual Lymph Drainage. Sarah loves to give and receive Deep Tissue massage.

Sally, was an instructor at Atlantic Academy during the 90’s. She enjoys teaching and taught SOAP NOTES, SPORTS MASSAGE, FIRST AID, AND MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY. All of these subjects are challenging to students and she held their attention. For instance in teaching sports massage and getting students ready for the River Run, they were used to working in hour increments. She taught them how to do a WHOLE routine in 5 minutes. They were; however, given 15 minutes while learning. Sarah was asked by a student “How fast are you”? She had him time her, and she came in at 5 minutes. Believe me they were more than happy to have the 15 mins that was allowed! She loved seeing their growth when putting the SOAP notes together. They were allowed to use ENGLISH when taking information from the client in the SUBJECTIVE (S) portion, and had to use MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY in the OBJECTIVE (O) portion. This helped to teach them how to break down medical words and learn test taking strategies.

As a massage therapist, when a client pays for an hour session, they get the full hour. I do not include the time that it takes for them to get ready for the massage and dressing afterward. I don’t start the clock until I start working. My Deep tissue work is seeking the problem, just not treating the symptom that has brought the client into my office.

Sally’s hobbies include being a Healthy Steps Instructor, exercises for breast cancer survivors and chronic illness. Her favorite food is Italian and her favorite movie is the original The Wizard of Oz. Sarah’s family lineage includes Irish, Scottish, English, French/Canandian. The things she likes best about FSMTA are the benefits as a CE provider, reasonable professional insurance rate, and as a board member of the chapter, having an eye opening experience, and personal/professional growth spurt.


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